Enjoy The Fruits of Your Labor

WOW CC Photo Social Media Labels on BtlsHow Can You Best Benefit From the Fruits of Your Labors?

We have the answer. 

Assign some of your marketing tasks to Wines of Washington Promotion.  There.  See?  You feel better already.

While you are out harvesting and CRuSHing and dealing with Fall Tasting Room traffic, you could have a team of seasoned wine marketers taking a number of your marketing tasks off your plate… 

This can include your Holiday event planning and execution, 2014 planning, leveraging small ads into increased PR and social media exposure in the marketplace, posting events on social media and digital event calendars.

Plus we kick out eBlasts and newsletters for our clients to build traffic to their Tasting Rooms as well as to their online Wine Shops.

We create and maintain a prolific schedule of Postings on social media and digital event calendars for a myriad of events and activities  Whew!

Perhaps you can use an extra set of “arms & legs” to help with your marketing? 

Calling us uncorks a flurry of activity to get your marketing tasks done!  Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

Our job is to help you sell more of the fruits of your labor!        


Veni Vidi Bibi,     


Bruce Bieber

Chief Marketing Officer    

Wines of Washington Promotion



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It is never too early to start planning a winery anniversary celebration.

And, an anniversary event doesn’t have to be about the year the winery started. There are so many reasons & milestones to celebrate and turn into an opportunity to sell more wine.

We are experts in creating and conducting corporate anniversaries. Our people have created and conducted local, regional and national activities in support of:

  • Barnard Griffin Winery’s 30th Anniversary

  • Henry Weinhard’s 150th Anniversary Celebration of the Oregon Trail

    • Tied into a secondary packaging initiative

  • Old Style Beer/Chicago Cubs 50th Anniversary Celebration

    • The longest continually running sports sponsorship in America

    • Tied into a primary and secondary packaging initiative

  • PLAYBOY Magazine’s 25th Anniversary

  • Playboy Club International’s 25th Anniversary (the following year)

  • Benihana of Tokyo’s 20th Anniversary (tie-in with Kirin Beer)

  • DePaul Industries 40th Anniversary

We are talking about a well constructed, orchestrated, integrated marketing campaign targeting the media that generates additional consumer awareness and exposure.  BG 30th State Shaped Logo w-Outline

The above as part of a full-tilt, multifaceted, sales focused campaign that sets the stage for targeted and aggressive merchandising, marketing and sales promotion activities throughout the year.

This arms your salespeople with something new and exciting to talk about to the trade and the consumer.   And, you know that’s how you get the salespeople jazzed – give them something fresh and new to talk about!

Wines of Washington Promotion is a strong advocate of, and your partner in, energizing and incentivizing all of your channels of distribution in an integrated manner so that all portions of the anniversary look to be a seamless part of the whole.

Thus, an energized consumer, driven by your promotional messaging, meets up with an energized anniversary promotion at retail and/or online, so you realize increased sales.A winery anniversary should not be just an exercise in drum beating.  Done properly, corporate and/or product anniversaries are the opportunity to establish a platform to increase awareness, exposure, activation, engagement AND sales.

We look forward to the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss future plans for your winery anniversary activities. We will build a targeted campaign that goes beyond the warm and fuzzy to service your primary marketing objective – sales.  Call 206-369-0320 or email.