Here’s how we will monetize your Facebook Page:

We can add an interactive  BUY WINE Tile Tab to your FACEBOOK Timeline Page.

Consumers click on the BUY WINE Tile Tab as seen above (WINES in red) to make a selection/purchase.  This takes the consumer to your own Facebook Timeline  “Wines for Sale” listing page.  Consumer scrolls through your wine offerings.  Single wine listing below: 

In addition to being able to buy your wine, consumer can also SHARE their wine preferences and purchase experience with their friends & followers and even add their own comments:

When consumer clicks on the BUY NOW button, they are immediately taken to your website’s ecommerce wine store where the consumer completes the purchase.  Or goes on to add to their cart and then to check-out.

Facebook Timeline BUY WINE Set-Up:  $250

Add a wine to “Wines For Sale” Page on your Facebook Timeline:  $35 @

Call 206.369.0320 or email:

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