As we all ramp up for 2013, what looms large for many is keeping up with Social Media postings.

This in addition to taking advantage of a number of changes and opportunities that present themselves on Facebook for Washington wineries.


Well, as we predicted, Google+ has rapidly moved into the Top 10 ranking for Social Media Platforms in terms of users.  We are on Google+  Check out our website for the link:

Google+ is now part of the “Social Media Six-Pack” of platforms for Washington Wineries.  While this adds to an already daunting array of sites for which you should post, it’s worth at least having a basic awareness and understanding of this new social media outlet for your winery.


Pinterest blew past Google+ on the most recent Top 10 Ranking of Social media sites and we now rate Pinterest as an integral part of the Social Media Six-Pack for wineries.  It is so visual and so easy to use; we recommend it highly


FourSquare is another platform but in a slightly different category as it is GeoCentric and can function as a direct traffic builder to your Tasting Room location.  It is not in the Top 10 site ranking and more labor intensive so it does not make our Social Media Six-Pack for the time being.

Yikes, huh?

We put together a little tutorial in 2011: Social Media for the Time Starved Winery Marketer (check out our Scrib’d link on our website).

It quickly takes you through how winery owners and tasting room managers can set up a discipline to post on social media to “Feed the Beast” almost daily without driving you completely mad.  Of course, we can help you with that if you’d like.

We can help you with the strategy and tactical executions for all of the above.  We provide complete interactive and integrated marketing services for Washington State Wineries: On-premise, Off-premise, On-property and Online.

In this Blog you’ll find our perspectives on WA Wine Marketing as well as some quick blurbs about what we’ve been up to on behalf of our clients.

You’ll note that we are far beyond a design team just creating wine labels.

BTW: Our Twitter page now has over 6,900 followers.  That makes us pretty smiley!

Call 206.369.0320 or email:  Our job is to help you sell more of the fruits of your labor.


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