Tourism Rack cards:

They are just the right size for so many applications.

Rack Cards/Brochures are perfect for:

-Washington tourism brochure racks

-Insertion into business sized envelopes

-Dropping into wine & wine club shipments

-Giving to your salespeople, distributors & wine buyers

-Handing out in your Tasting Room

-Distribution at your remote tastings and special events

They are a great mechanism for driving traffic to your Tasting Room and for further bonding with your customer after the sale.

We created this rack card for Jones of Washington Wines demonstrating total branding integration with the look and feel of the website and the label.

Yeah, it’s analog.  But when it comes to print, rack cards are the Swiss Army Knife of wine tourism marketing.

May we design one for you?


#          #          #

Washington Tasting Room Ahead

International Style Road Signs

We created the two versions you see here.  We will submit to the Washington Tourism Alliance and to the Washington State Wine Commission for consideration.

This international sign style clearly encapsulates the “Tasting Room Ahead” message in a non-verbal manner.  We feel Road Signage with this iconic direction will be a strong contribution to Washington State Wine Tourism.

 Let us know which of the above you prefer:

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